Mount Ararat Baptist Church was founded November 1961 in the home of Sister Annie Caldwell. The Late Dr. James Thompson Reeder was the first minister to be called and voted in as the Senior Pastor. Under his leadership the church grew leaps and bounds and after years of continued growth, leadership development, young people becoming involved and finances increasing, Mount Ararat Baptist Church purchased our present location in August 1965.

Dr. Reeder served as the Senior Pastor and watched the church grow for more than two decades until his retirement. Upon his retirement, Reverend Albert P. Curly served as the second Senior Pastor for one year. In 1994 after a long and prayerful search, Mount Ararat called Dr. Elliot Cuff to assume the esteemed role as the third Senior Pastor. Under his leadership many things were accomplished such as Establishing the Family Life Center of Mount Ararat, Economic Development, After School Assistance Program, Computer Training, and so much more. With the help of his wife, Minister Virginia Evelyn Cuff and the volunteers, Mount Ararat Family Life Center has been able to provide a quality education to children in the inner-city community who would not otherwise be able to afford private training. In addition to all of the ministries, in August 1996 Dr. Cuff led a renovation of the sanctuary which resulted in various enhancements to the existing sanctuary and overall building. Dr. Cuff served faithfully for ten years before the Lord called him to lead another flock. The ministry was sad to see his departure, but welcomed the fourth Senior Pastor with open arms.

Through support and direction of Dr. Cuff, Reverend Steven Eugene Carter, who was raised, licensed and ordained at Mount Ararat Church was called with a unamamous vote to the Senior Pastor position.  July 2004 Pastor Carter assumed the position and has since, because of the foundation that was laid, taken the ministry to greater levels. Pastor Carter adopted the motto “Loving God, Loving People & Impacting the Community.” As a result of leaders and members implementing this motto, the ministry has grown in excess of 1,500 new members and still growing. In addition, many ministries have been added to meet the needs of people in and outside of the church. Mount Ararat Church has also added additional services to accommodate the crowd who gathers on Sunday mornings for wonderful worship experiences.

Under the leadership of Pastor Carter, many things such as Development of Youth Choir, Establishing Involvement with Brooklyn Congregations Together, Young Adult Ministries, Involvement with Local Officials, GED Revised Program, Touro College Campus on site, Community Karate Youth Program, Enhancement of the Community and so many other implementations that have proven well for the church and the community. In addition, Pastor Carter started a two year campaign known as Renovation 24 for the overall renovation of the church. It is believed that when the renovations are complete, Mount Ararat Church will have comfortable overflow room, screens for viewing, handicap access, educational classrooms, multi-purpose stage and other elements that will create a welcoming environment for worship and recreation.

We look forward to having many more years of impacting and changing lives through the glory of God. If you are looking for a place where love is expressed, forgiveness is felt, compassion is real and the presence is God is alive, we invite you to visit the Mount Ararat Church on any given Sunday. 

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