Real Life Questions


I am losing my faith in God
Why should I tithe 10% of my income?
How to know the will of God
How to deal with my anger?
How to handle sexual temptation?
Improving my Marriage
My role as a husband
My role as a wife
Why is forgiving important as a Christian?
Why is attending Church necessary?
Reasons for not denying spouse sex in marriage
Why I need to stop lying
Raising Children
What the Bible says about divorce
What is the real truth about heaven?
What is the real truth about hell?
How to Date Wisely as a Christian
What is sin?
What is repentance?
Why should I value friendships?
What does the Bible say about money?
How to live holy as a Christian
Working in ministry
Why should I respect the Pastor?
What to do when I am tempted to have sex?
I can’t stop cussing
I am struggling with low self-esteem
I want to open my own business
What does God say about leadership?
How should I manage people?
Why should I value Family?
What does the Bible say about children?
What does the Bible say to parents?
I am a mean person
I am tempted to cheat on my spouse
Should I join the church I am attending every week?
My attitude needs to improve
Why do I need Salvation?
Reason to attend Weekly Life Group on Tuesdays
Why education is important for me
I am struggling with Patience
Sometimes I get jealous of others
My pride sometimes gets in my way
I often feel insecure and look for external validation from others
I struggle with anxiety
I feel like a failure
How can I Remain Happy?
My In-Laws are Strange
Considering Adopting a Child
I am struggling with my health and going to the gym
How do I handle people who I know hate on me?
How I should use my Social Media as a Christian?
What does God say about abortion?
Homeownership as a Christian
What are Spiritual Gifts?
I struggle with masturbation
How should I handle myself as a Christian on my job?
Is oral sex wrong in marriage?
What the Bible says about drinking and getting drunk
I want to grow spiritually
Sometimes I feel depressed
Can I attend parties as a Christian?
I sometimes engage in gossiping

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