What type of church is Mount Ararat?

Mount Ararat is a church that is geared toward “Loving God, Loving People & Impacting the Community” Our goal is to create a worship environment that is spirit-filled and inviting to all. We are known to be friendly, inviting and warm. Come and visit and see for yourself.

What is the average time of your worship services?

Both of our services (9:00am & 11:00am) run about 1.5hrs. We believe in getting right to the Word of God in a timely fashion. Here is our worship script. Call to Worship, Altar Call, Praise & Worship, Meet & Greet, Sermonic Selection, Sermon for the Day, Invitation to Discipleship, Recognition of Visitors, Tithes & Offering and The Benediction. Not Long At All!!

What is the difference between Sunday Morning Worship services and Bible Study on Tuesday Nights?

Sunday Morning worship is focused more on the complete worship experience with a sermon from the pastor as is with most worship experiences.  Tuesday night is focused more on Bible Study which allows feedback from the congregation as the lesson is being taught.  Many members who are serious about their spiritual growth always engage in our Tuesday night experiences. 

Are first time visitors asked to stand and talk?

First time visitors are only asked to stand, you do not have to speak. We will recognize you, give you a visitor card to complete so we can respond to you and the members who are sitting next to you will give you a warm smile and a hug.

What type of dress attire is expected?

We are a come as you are church. If you want to dress up or dress casual, both are welcome. We only ask that you remember you are coming to the church and that you dress in a decent and respectable fashion.

I am disabled and in a wheelchair, is there a wheelchair access at the church?

Yes we do. If you desire to attend, please call the church in advance and let us know and we will prepare for your arrival with direct access from our side door on the parking lot side directly into the church sanctuary.

How do I become a member of Mount Ararat Church?

You can join one of two ways. The first way is after the sermon, you can respond to the Pastor and walk down the aisle and the other is that you can complete a membership form that is available in the church lobby or on this website and submit it via email or print and submit inside the membership box in the lobby.

I am a College Student, are there any ministries relevant for me?

I sure do remember the college days. We do have an active college ministry and you can learn more by going to the ministry section and looking under College Ministry. Remember, study hard and study right.

How do I schedule a meeting with the Pastor?

Call the church office at 718-342-1571 Ext. 11 and schedule an appointment with the Executive Assistant to the Pastor. Pastor asks that all meetings start and end on time in light of other scheduled meetings. If you need to meet longer than 30 minutes, please inform his assistant when you make the appointment.

Do you have to be a member to be active in a ministry?

You do not have to be a member to be active in ministry, but you must be a member to hold a leadership position in the church.

I am in financial need, am I able to receive help from the church?

If you are in financial need and you are a member of the church, you may be eligible for assistant. However, you must submit your request in writing to the trustee ministry. If approved, the check will only be made payable to the vendor (telephone company, gas company, or landlord). We simply ask that you are honest in your request. The form can be picked up from the church office or printed out from the website under forms.

What if I have a little child who makes noise during worship?

If you have a little child under the age of 3, we have a nursery ministry available at our 11am service that provides safe care with workers who have passed background checks.

Are there ministries for children?

We have ministries for children; you can find the information in the ministries section of the website.

I have given offering and it was not recorded, what must I do?

If you have giving any monies to the church and it was not recorded, it can be documented by way of a cancelled check. If you gave cash and did not give your name, there is no way to retrieve the information. Going forward we ask that you fill out the offering envelope that is in your bulletin with all necessary information so your giving can be properly documented and ready for you during tax season or upon your request.

Why should I always place my donations in an envelope?

The purpose of placing all donations (tithes, offerings, special offerings, etc.) in envelopes is so that the gifts can be credited to you for tax purposes at the end of the year.

How do we get our financial statements for tax purposes?

If you desire to retrieve a financial statement, please email the Finance Ministry. Please allow one week for a response to your request.

How do I order sermon CDs if I do not live in the area and how long will it take to arrive to me?

COMING SOON! If you desire a CD, you may order from the media section. Please allow 7-14 days for delivery upon your credit card payment being approved. In the event you have purchased a CD and have not received it, please contact Mr. Travis Wade at Audiovisual@mountararatchurch.com and he will respond to you to resolve the matter.

I would like to dedicate my baby, what is the process?

Baby Dedications are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the 11am Worship Service. In order to have your child dedicated, you must complete the BDO: Baby Dedication Orientation seminar (1hr) that is held on the 1st Saturday of each month at 11:00am. To register, please complete the form and submits it. For further information regarding this, please email Ms. Juanita Dingle

I would like to have my wedding at Mount Ararat, what is the process?

Weddings at Mount Ararat are only for members of the church. In order to have your marriage at the church, you must complete the “So You Want to Get Married Seminar” If you are a member of the church and would like to have your wedding, please email Wedding@mountararatchurch.com for further information.

Someone died in my family and I would like to have the funeral at the church, what is the process?

Funerals at Mount Ararat are reserved for member and immediate family (spouse, children and grandparents). However, if someone who is a distant relative pass and you desire to have the service at the church and you are a member, please call the church and if pastor’s schedule allows him, he will be more than happy to be with you and your family during this time in your life. Pastor Carter will also be willing to officiate a service for you at the funeral home if the church is not available during your requested time. Please call the main office for further information.

I was already baptized at another church; must I be baptized again to become a member?

No, you do not have to be baptized again. We just require that you complete the New Membership Orientation Class so you will learn about the ministry of Mount Ararat that you decided to join. We are glad you want to be a part of this church family and we welcome you with open arms and hearts.

My address changed, how do I update my information?

Please print out the Membership Update document located in the form section. Fill it out and turn it in to the church office or place it in the membership box in the lobby.

I am about to relocate, should I seek a letter?

If you are relocating and would like a letter, please call the church office and give us all of the necessary information and we will have the letter completed for you. We thank you for your time at Mount Ararat and we pray that you were blessed in your growth.

I have a great ministry idea that I believe will help the church, how do I make it known?

We are happy and encourage you to meet with the Pastor to discuss. Please know that if the ministry idea does not fall into the Vision of the church at this time, although it may be a great idea, we will not activate until a later date. In addition, when you come with an idea, please be prepared to get it off the ground with proper preparation and development of team. We strive for excellence, so we ask that you do likewise when you present your idea. Please try to think of every question that the Pastor will ask you when presenting and come prepared to answer them.

I’ve been visiting for so long until people think I am a member; do I still have to join the church?

Yes you do. We encourage you to complete the membership form in the lobby and submit it so your information can be added to the church database.

I would like to volunteer some of my time to the ministry?

We thank you in advance. Please go to the form page and download the Volunteer Form, complete it and submit it to the church office and someone will contact you. We thank you again for wanting to get involved and we appreciate and need your time.

I have a question that is not listed, how do I get it answered?

You may send your question to Pastor Carter and he will respond or he will forward it to the designated Ministry Leader to respond to you. Please allow a few days for a response.

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